Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 58r, Fresh cheese


f. 58r, Fresh cheese

Fresh cheese. Nature: cold and wet. Optimum: from temperate milk and healthy animals. Benefit: it relaxes and fattens the body. Harm: it produces obstructions. Remedy for harm: with walnuts and almonds. Effects: good, very fatty food. Most advisable for hot [temperaments], youth, in summer, in hot, southern regions; according to others, in winter and in cold regions, which I do not believe unless digested better.

Caseus recens Complectio frigida et humida Electio temperati Lactis et animalium sanorum Iuuamentum mollificat corpus et impinguat Nocumentum facit oppilationes Remotio nocumenti cum nucibus amigdalis Quid generat nutrimentum multum grossum non malum Conuenit magis calidis iuuenibus estate meridianis regionibus et calidis alias hyeme et frigidis regionibus quod non credo nisi quia melius digeritur.

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