Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 20r, Cabbage


f. 20r, Cabbage

Cabbage. Nature: hot in the first degree and dry in the second. Optimum: fresh and green. Benefit: they open up obstructions. Harm: they damage the entrails. Remedy for harm: with much oil. Effects: bad blood. Advisable for hot [temperaments], youth, preferably in winter, in all regions.

Caules onati. Complexio: calida in primo, sicca in 2°. Electio: recentes tendentes ad citrinum. Iuuamentum: aperiunt opilationes. Nocumentum: ledunt uiscera. Remotio nocumenti: cum multo oleo. Quid generant: sanguinem malum. Conueniunt calidis iuuenibus hyeme plus omnibus regionibus

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