Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 14r, Chestnuts


f. 14r, Chestnuts

Chestnuts. Nature: hot in the first degree, dry in the second. Optimum: whole and very ripe. Benefit: for the chest and urine problems, they whet the appetite and cure nausea and vomiting. Harm: they damage the brain and stomach with flatulence. Remedy for harm: if roasted and eaten with salt and good, light wine. Effects: reasonably good food. Advisable for hot [temperaments], young people and children, in winter and in cold regions.

Castanee. Complexio: calida in primo, seca en 2º. Electio: complete et bene mature. Iuuamentum: pectori difficultati urine, confortant appetitum et remouent mauseam et uomitum. Nocumentum: inferunt cerebro et stomacho earum uentositate. Remotio nocumenti: si assentur et comedantur cum sale et bono uino subtili. Quid generant: chimum mediocriter bonum. Conueniunt calidis, iuuenibus et pueris, hyeme et frigidis regionibus.

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