Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 23v, Asparagus


f. 23v, Asparagus

Asparagus. Nature: hot and wet in the first degree. Optimum: fresh and with the tip towards the earth. Benefit: they promote intercourse and open up obstructions. Harm: they damage the fibrous tissue of the stomach. Remedy for harm: cooked and seasoned afterwards with brine or vinegar. Effects: good nutrition. Advisable for cold and dry [temperaments], the elderly and decrepit, in spring and in the regions where found.

Sparagus Complectio calida et humida in primo Electio recentes cuius summitates declinant ad terram Iuuamentum addunt in coitu et aperiunt opilationes Nocumentum nocent uillis stomachi Remotio nocumenti postquam elisati sunt comedantur cum muri aut aceto Quid generant nutrimentum bonum Conueniunt frigidis et siccis senibus et decrepitis in vere et in regionibus in quibus reperiuntur.

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