Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 62v, Millet bread


f. 62v, Millet bread

Millet bread. Nature: cold and dry in the second degree. Optimum: made from new, clean, pearl grain. Benefit: it nourishes and tones the intestines. Harm: difficult to evacuate. Remedy for harm: with exercise, baths and fatty things. Effects: moderate melancholy and heavy humour. Advisable for temperate [temperaments], youth, in winter and in northern [regions].

Panis milii. Complexio: frigida et sicca in 2º. Electio: de nouo grano et pulchro margaritali. Iuuamentum: nutrit intestina et stringit. Nocumentum: difficile descendit de stomacho. Remotio nocumenti: cum exercitio balneo et rebus unctuosis. Quid generat: moderatam melencoliam et humorem grossum. Conuenit temperatis iuuentuti yeme et septentrionalibus.

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