Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 72r, Beef and camel meat


f. 72r, Beef and camel meat

Beef and camel meat. Nature: hot and dry in the second degree. Optimum: that of young [animals] that have taken exercise. Benefit: excellent for those who take exercise and those suffering from bile flow. Harm: for melancholic illnesses. Remedy for harm: with sugar and pepper. Effects: thick, melancholic blood. Most advisable for hot [temperaments], youth, in winter and in northern [regions].

Carnes vachine et camellorum. Complexio: calida et sicca in 2º. Electio: iuuenum exercitatarum. Iuuamentum: prestant exercitantibus se et pacientibus fluxum colericum. Nocumentum: faciunt egritudinibus melancolicis. Remotio nocumenti: cum zucharo et pipere. Quid generant: sanguinem grossum melencolicum. Conueniunt magis calidis iuuenibus yeme septentrionalibus.


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