Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 63v, Hen eggs


f. 63v, Hen eggs

Hen eggs. Nature: the yolk is hot and wet; the white, cold and wet. Optimum: fresh and large. Benefit: they help intercourse and nourish quickly. Harm: they delay the digestion if eaten whole and cause freckles. Remedy for harm: if only the yolk is eaten. Effects: good but moderate humour. Advisable for all natures, particularly cold natures, the elderly, in winter and in northern [regions]. The yolk is also good in autumn; however, the white and yolk are most advisable for hot [temperaments] and youth.

Oua gallinacia Complectio uitella calida et humida albugo frigida et humida Electio recencia magna Iuuamentum adunt in coytu et uelociter nutriunt Nocumentum tardant digestiones si totum sumatur et generant lentiginem Remotio nocumenti si solum vitellum sumatur Quid generant humorem bonum tamen modicum Conueniunt omnibus complectionibus maxime frigidis senibus hyeme et septentrionalibus sed uitellum totum autumpno sed albugo et uitellum magis conuenit calidis et iuuenibus.

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