Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 60r, Ricotta


f. 60r, Ricotta

Ricotta. Nature: cold and wet. Optimum: made from good, pure milk. Benefit: nutritious and fattening. Harm: it causes obstructions and is difficult to digest. Remedy for harm: with butter and honey. Effects: thick blood. Most advisable for hot and robust [temperaments], youth, at the beginning of summer and in mountainous regions.
Recocta. Complexio: frigida et humida. Electio: que fit de puro et bono lacte. Iuuamentum: nutrit et impinguat. Nocumentum: oppilat et difficile digeritur. Remotio nocumenti: cum butyro et melle. Quid generat: sanguinem grossum. Conuenit magis calidis robustis iuuenibus principio estatis et regionibus montanis.

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