Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 61v, Brown bread


f. 61v, Brown bread

Brown bread. Nature: hot in the second degree. Optimum: with little crust and risen overnight before baking. Benefit: it moves the bowels. Harm: it causes itching and scabies. Remedy for harm: with fatty food. Effects: good food. Advisable for all temperaments, ages, seasons and inhabited regions.

Panis opus. Complexio: calida in 2º. Electio: qui minus habet furfuris et steterit per noctem ante coctionem. Iuuamentum: optemperat uentrem. Nocumentum: inducit pruritum et scabiem. Remotio nocumenti: cum copanagio unctuoso. Quid generat: nutrimentum bonum. Conuenit omnibus complexionibus etatibus temperatibus et regionibus habitatis.

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