Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 52v, Autumn


f. 52v, Autumn

Autumn. Nature: moderately cold in the second degree. Optimum: its middle part. Benefit: gradually shifts to the contrary, i.e. hot and wet. Harm: it damages temperate constitutions prone to tuberculosis. Remedy for harm: with humidifiers and baths. Effects: melancholic humours. Advisable for hot and wet [temperaments], youth or adolescents, in hot, wet regions, according to others, in temperate regions.
Autumpnus. Complexio: frigidus temperate in 2º. Electio: medium ipsius. Iuuamentum: gradatim procedentibus ad contraria ut calidum et humidum. Nocumentum: nocet temperatis constitutionibus et dispositis ad ptisim. Remotio nocumenti: cum humectantibus et balneo. Quid auget: humores melencolicos. Conuenit: calidis et humidis iuuenibus siue adolescentibus calidis et humidis regionibus alias temperatis.

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