Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 37r, Mandrake fruit


f. 37r, Mandrake fruit

Mandrake fruit. Nature: cold in the third degree, dry in the second. Optimum: large and fragrant. Benefit: smelling it for hot headaches and insomnia; as a poultice for leprosy and black infections of the skin. Harm: it dulls the senses. Remedy for harm: with ivy berries. Effects: not edible. Advisable for hot [temperaments], youth, in summer and in southern regions.

Fructus mandragore
. Complexio: frigida in 3º, sicca in 2º. Electio: magni odoriferi. Iuuamentum: odorando contra sodam calidam et uigilias emplastrando elefancia et infectionibus nigris cutis. Nocumentum: ebate sensibus. Remotio nocumenti: cum fructu edere. Quid generat: non est comestibile. Conueint calidis iuuenibus estate et meridianis.

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